NHS Borders Pharmacy Specials Authorisation Form

Glasgow have kindly shared a useful alphabetical list of alternatives to some commonly prescribed Unlicensed Medicines. Please check this list before proceeding to complete the e-form below

Specials A-Z June 2017

Please complete all the fields in this form and then select Submit.  This will be picked up by a member of the Community Pharmacy team and your response will be emailed back to you.

For urgent requests please phone 01896 827712

e.g. No licensed product in liquid formulation for a child unable to swallow caps

e.g. Melatonin (KidNaps)

e.g. 1mg/ml

e.g. Liquid

e.g. 100ml

e.g. 5ml daily

e.g. IDIS

Out of Pocket Expenses include Handling Charges and Postage + Packaging

5-digit number normally beginning with 5 or B