Meals, refreshments and snacks

Breakfast:- 08.00 - 08.30
Lunch:- 12:00 - 13:00
Evening meal:- 16:45 - 17:30

Coffee, tea and other hot drinks are served at:

10:00 - 10:30
15:30 - 16:30
08:30 - 21:00

If you would like a hot drink or light snack at any other time, please ask a nurse.

We will send round menu cards for you to choose your meal for the following day. The hospital runs a food and health policy which makes sure the menu includes healthier options. We will cater for special diets wherever possible.

The Catering Department consider that the food they serve is an important part of your health and well-being and can speed your recovery. You can speak to a state registered dietician to give you guidance if you need a special diet. You can ask for smaller or larger portions of food depending on your appetite. If you ask, a member of the Catering Department staff will be pleased to discuss any preferences you may have.


The WRVS run a canteen at the main entrance of the hospital. Visitors can also use the staff dining room.

Chaplains and the chaplaincy centre

There is a full-time Church of Scotland Chaplain within the hospital, helped by part-time Chaplains (Roman Catholic and Episcopal). Your own minister, priest or spiritual adviser can visit you. This also applies to organisations such as the Fisherman's Mission.  The nursing staff will arrange a visit if you ask.

The chaplaincy centre provides a beautiful setting for private thoughts or for just sitting quietly at any time of the day or night. Services are held there on Sunday at 11am. The nursing staff and chaplaincy volunteers will be happy to help all patients who are well enough and want to go to services.

Electrical items

If you bring a radio, television or other electrical items into the hospital, a member of the hospital Estates Department must check them before you use them to make sure that they meet safety standards. Please ask a nurse to arrange this for you.


There is a hairdresser who visits the wards. You should ask the nurses to arrange this service. You will need to pay a charge for this service.

Hospital radio

There is a voluntary service which broadcasts daily through channel 1 on your bedside earphones and in the day rooms. The service will also play requests for music between 08:00 and 10:00. You can get request forms on each ward.


If possible, please arrange for relatives or friends to wash your clothing. Any clothes you send to the hospital laundry must be marked with your name and ward number using a waterproof pen.


There is a hospital library off the day room beside ward 14 (first floor). The Librarian also visits wards regularly.


Letters are delivered to the ward throughout the day to make sure you get your mail as soon as possible. Please tell your friends the number of your ward as well as the address of the hospital. We collect your letters for posting each day from the ward. You will be able to buy stamps at the WRVS shop.

Newspapers and magazines

You may buy newspapers and magazines from the newsagent who visits each ward daily and from the shop in the main entrance area.

Personal property and valuables

Please try not to bring any items of value with you. We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to your personal property which you do not hand in for safe-keeping. If you cannot leave large sums of money or valuables at home there is a hospital safe where you can keep small items of value. If you have asked for items or cash to be kept in the hospital safe, please remember to ask the ward staff to tell the cashier so we can return them before you leave.

We will return any cash you leave with us as a cheque if you leave in the evening. However, if you can come back the next working day, we may be able to return cash. We will give a receipt for any items you leave with us.


You will find public phones on the ground floor beside the stairs to the Outpatients Department. There are trolley phones available for each ward, which the nurses will get for you, if you ask.

Please only use mobile phones in corridors and other public areas where there are signs saying that you may.


You can buy small items, toiletries and stationery from the hospital shop in the main foyer. The Royal Voluntary Service will visit each ward with a trolley of items for you to buy.


Patients and relatives often ask staff how they can make a donation to a ward or the hospital. You can send a cheque to the Chief Executive made payable to the Borders General Hospital. Please give the ward number or service you want it to be donated to. We will make sure the money is used for the service you want.