About our service:

The new Planned Surgical Admissions Unit opened its doors to patients on Monday 7th March 2011.

The Unit has been completely re-designed to create a dedicated planned surgical admissions area for patients coming into hospital on the day of their surgery. 

Designed to increase the numbers of adult day case/day of surgery admissions and deliver high quality, appropriate, timely care in an area specifically created for this purpose.

The unit is specifically designed to address the healthcare needs of day surgery patients and patients coming into hospital on the day of surgery.

  We provide:

  • a dedicated, safe, clean, comfortable environment,
  • an admission lounge with comfortable seating,
  • 2 examination rooms with full facilities for consultation with healthcare professionals prior to and following surgery,
  • 2 dedicated post operative recovery areas,
  • Recovery 2 with 6 trolleys for the immediate post-op period,
  • Recovery 3 with 4 recliner chairs as the stage prior to discharge.
  • (Recovery 1 = theatre recovery)

We can manage up to 20 day cases per day through the unit plus longer term day of surgery admissions.

  • We aim to provide a quality service which meets each individual patient’s specific healthcare needs, provided by professional staff, dedicated to delivering excellence in clinical care.
  • Using a patient pathway which is streamlined from admission → theatre → recovery → discharge, with the patient acting as a partner in their care and patient safety and quality of care the guiding principals in all we do.
  • Managing patient flow in this structured way provides benefits for both day surgery and in patient care.
  • Day surgery patients have a predicted pathway, a dedicated team of nurses and individualised, person centred care, managed where possible, by the same nurse from admission to discharge.
  • They are cared for in an area specifically designed to meet their needs, in a quite, calm, clean environment without the noise, distraction, hustle and bustle of an acute surgical unit.
  • It facilitates a more effective and efficient use of resources for in-patient care, separates the 2 streams and gives nurses on the wards time to care for in-patients, relieved of the work generated by  theatre patients.
  • It removes bed pressures in the morning as all theatre patients are admitted via PSAU and because day case patients are recovered in the unit, it means there is less pressure on beds overall.  
  • By placing appropriate patients on a day case pathway and admitting all others on the day of surgery, we reduce the length of stay of each patient, reduce pressure on beds and maximise the use of resources for in-patient care.
  • The new Planned Surgical Admissions Unit service has been developed  and structured to deliver the right care at the right time, making the most effective and efficient use of resources, providing the best value to all while maintaining patient safety, quality of care and service improvement as our driving force

When are we open?

We are open to Planned Care admissions (elective admissions) Monday to Friday 07.30-20.00 and take adult General Surgical and Urological Operating Day Admission and Day Case Procedures.

We also take Orthopaedic Op-Day and Day Case procedures excluding Arthroplasty. (Major Joint Work)

Patients are admitted directly to the unit having been screened or pre-assessed in the pre-assessment clinic prior to their admission date.

Patients on a Day Surgery Pathway, (hernia, lumpectomy, varicose veins, arthroscopy, bunionectomy etc) return to the unit post procedure and are recovered and discharged from the unit on the same day.

Patients who require a longer stay, (23 hours or more) are admitted via the unit and return to their base ward post-op. (i.e. Wards 7-9)