We may need you to give us the following information:-

Details and phone numbers of any next of kin, relative or friend who you would want us to contact about your progress and to arrange for your return home

  • Any medication, pills, steroids or anti blood clotting therapy which you currently take
  • Details of any allergies or reactions you may have
  • Any special diet you may need
  • Details and any documents relating to Benefits and Social Security payments which you receive and whether you need a medical certificate

Try not to bring anything of value with you

If you bring in a lot of money or things of value, have them put into the ward safe. A nurse will do this for you. You will get a receipt.
If you are in hospital for more than a day or two, any cash and valuables will be moved from the ward safe to the administration department. Cash will be paid into the bank.
When you leave, you will get part of your money in cash and part as a cheque.
We are not responsible for anything of value not kept in the safe.
Arrange with staff to get things from the safe before you leave.

No smoking policy

NHS Borders is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles, our Tobacco Policy commits NHS Borders to having a smoke free environment within buildings, grounds and car parks.
Staff, patients, relatives and visitors should not smoke within our buildings, car parks or grounds.
By law our buildings must be completely smoke free, any breach of this may lead to a fine both for the person involved and for NHS Borders, we do require our patients and visitors to adhere to the law and to our smoke free policy. No smoking is now our norm and only very limited exceptions will be made to this commitment to smoke free premises.
If you are a smoker, you have two choices.

  • Your GP or hospital doctor may prescribe nicotine replacement products. These should ease cravings when you are not able to smoke. They may also help you to stop smoking.
  • You could stop before or during your stay in hospital. This will give you a real chance to carry on not smoking after you go home. Ask staff to refer you to the BGH Inpatient service. Please note, this service may not be available to all wards

Help to stop smoking

If you would like to know more about this

  • smoking cessation programmes are available through your GPs, Health Centres and local pharmacy.
  • contact the NHS Borders Smoking Information Line on 01835 825971.
  • contact the National Smokeline on 0800 848484.

Your bed

All wards have ‘bays’ of no more than six beds. Each one takes either male or female patients.
Amenity beds
An “amenity” bed is a single room that you pay a charge for. This gives you more privacy. The standard of care will be the same. If you are interested in having an amenity bed you should contact the ward sister. Please note that these beds may not always be available.


NHS staff use your information to give you the care and treatment you need. All staff have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and safe. If you want to see your health records, please ask your doctor or nurse